Readers’ Comments: What You’re Saying

Ann Mortifee book signing at Victoria Truth CentreWe gratefully welcome all your comments, questions and observations – they’re coming in as email, comments at Ann’s site and from the Ann Mortifee Facebook page.

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This space is now dedicated to what you are saying in response to IN LOVE WITH THE MYSTERY. Here are a few responses so far:

once again, inspirational words to start my day thanks ann & paul. a beautiful interview

Here’s to being In Love With The Mystery. The exquisite peace and serenity of your brilliant insight is quite beautiful and profound. I look forward with great anticipation to experiencing your book and your wonderful music (what a band!). As always, mad love and respect to you and Paul. We are so blessed to have you.

Thanks for the wonderful glimpse into your book/CD. I am checking my mailbox regularly. I know that your new work will provide me with so much, as has all your being throughout my adult life. Thank you.

I smile and breathe more deeply in the Mystery. Thank you Ann and Paul

Picked up the books today. They are so beautiful – beyond description! I had to start reading right away. I am so eager to get them to our kids.

I have your book and love reading it!

Got mine, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! And I am YELLING that in CAPS because it is so very awesome!

Well done my friend! Your book is stunning, wonderful, peaceful…and I am thrilled to put it next to my bed for the last thoughts of the day and let your musings work along side my dreams. Well done Ann!

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